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Some clients

  • Mormedi designed a new in-branch experience for 9 markets that contributed to higher productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • Mormedi designed a cargo transport system and iconic capsule that will change freight haulage forever.

  • Mormedi collaborated with BBVA on developing customer-centric services and spaces to serve as a vision of the bank of the future.

  • Mormedi helps Mitsubishi Electric formulate global product strategy by executing research in markets around the world.

  • Mormedi helped Meliá find opportunities for service improvement by researching and mapping digital check-in/check-out processes.

  • Mormedi worked with Telefónica to design devices that put Movistar at the heart of the home, and achieve millions in cost savings.

  • Mormedi designed seats for the Iberia A330/A350 aircrafts for greater privacy and comfort, while optimising layouts to increase revenue by millions per year.

  • Mormedi worked with FAB on mapping and improving the design of an internal service process

  • Mormedi redesigned the gas bills, resulting in 100% of customer satisfaction with the new format.

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